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Welding Tig Pen Finger Feeder Rod Holder Filler Wire Pen 1.0-3.2mm (1/32''-1/8'') Welder Accessories

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Welding Tig Pen Finger Feeder Rod Holder Filler Wire Pen 1.0-3.2mm (1/32''-1/8'') Welder Accessories Item NO.: WST-00042s

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Product Name Welding Tig Pen Finger Feeder Rod Holder Filler Wire Pen 1.0-3.2mm (1/32''-1/8'') Welder Accessories
Item NO. WST-00042s
Weight 0.15 kg = 0.3307 lb = 5.2911 oz
Category TIG Torch Consumables > TIG Weld Accessories > TIG Pen Feeder (Rod holder)
Brand WeldingStop
Creation Time 2021-07-15

Product Information:

Compatible Welding Rod Diameter:1.0mm-3.2mm (1/32''-1/8'')

Size:16mm or 0.63''(Weight) ; 133mm or 5.24''(Height)


◆ Weight:45g


List Included:

Option 1:TIG Welding Rod Feeder x 1pc (with plastic bag packaging)

Option 2TIG Welding Rod Feeder x 1pc (with Iron box packaging)

Product Picture

Bullet Point

◆ [Comfortable Welding Tool] This TIG welding finger feeder will keep your fingers safe and create better quality weld results. You may need such a welding wire feeding pen which is simply rolling the rubber wheel with your index finger, the pencil can provide a precision and consistent feed of TIG rod which can help you better control of welding wire, manual control uniform speed wire, save more time and improve the efficiency of your work and get better welding effect

◆ [Lightweight TIG Welding Pen] The TIG filler rod feeder pen is an efficient tool when you are doing TIG welding work, which is small and help you hold the welding rod stabilize, and speed uniform. If you usually use 1.0mm-3.2mm or (1/32''-1/8'' in inch) welding rod, this will a good welder accessories which has comfortable grip and perfectly fits the finger, it also lightweight feeder similar as a pen about 0.1 pound weight, very comfortable and anti-slip when using

◆ [1.0-3.2mm Rod Adapt] This TIG Pen Welding Rod Holder is designed for TIG welding, it can compatible with 1.0mm to 3.2mm welding wire, which is 1/32’’-1/8’’ in inch; It can also use minimum diameter 0.8mm welding wire, but it may has a better use effect over 1.0mm welding rod

◆ [Aluminum Material] The TIG-pen is made of high grade aluminum, and the TIG welding wire feeder smooth-faced compact and lightweight, we will pack the TIG rod feeder in transparent bag which is convenient for you to carry, find and use

List Included:



Helps my arthritic hands



The other styles that are much the size of a pen caused fatigue and cramps over extended use. This model is larger and more comforting to use. It also holds the filler rod in place so you dont have to worry about it when you dont have your finger on the roller. If i could change anything I would make the roller part bigger, thats just me, the roller works great as is.



For some reason the shape of this tig pen makes it much easier to handle and use then other slim design tig pens. You are able to retain a more positive grip on it and feed the rod easier through this design. I noticed my fingers and hand don't cramp and I have better control. The tool has a screw that allows adjustment of the tension on the rod. The tension adjustment is easy to understand and use. Although I think it looks a bit unusual, I am having a good experience with this tool in my welding.
Service:Thank for your review and support.



It works great for my big hands! Feeds great and unlike the other designs, you can change out the o rings when they wear out.

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